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Lenore K. is a reputable boutique event planning business, run by Lee Cass, located in the Hunter Valley NSW, servicing Australia-wide. Read about me here.

What do people say?

"When people are still 'raving' over your event weeks after the fact, you know you're on a winner! When you are spending so much money on an event the most important investment is a great planner and Lee Cass of Lenore K. is a real 'details' girl."
~ Your Hunter Wedding Panner

Lenore K. clients already understand that to achieve amazing results and the WOW factor you need a professional, innovative, event planner. Lenore K. offers this and much, much more... we provide Design-It-Yourself Event Packages where service and cost are transparent. Lee Cass will always be your personal liason, no receptionists or juniors. Read some of Lenore K.'s testimonials.

LENORE K. Design-It-Yourself Event Planning Packages

Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and On-site Hosting

Bronze Event Package
Run out of ideas? You want the 'WOW' or 'X' Factor! The Bronze Event Package is the 'ideas package' or minimum support package where Lee Cass meets with you to discuss and brainstorm ideas, so your event is unique and stands out from the crowd.

Lenore K. highly recommends this Bronze Event Package to identify gaps in your event preparation, particularly when your event is being held outdoors.

For friendly advice or an obligation free quote please call mobile +61 (0) 404 062 484 and ask for Lee Cass or e-Mail here.

On-site Host Event Package
The On-site Host Event Package and so-called 'safe-proofing package' is a half or full day event on-site support package where Lee Cass is your on-site host - your personal guardian angel - checking arrangements, working behind the scenes, keeping service staff and suppliers attentive and alert, to ensure your event is memorable for the right reasons and more importantly, an almighty success.

Lenore K. highly recommends this On-site Host Package for all clients to guarantee event effectiveness and efficiency.

To complete the package, after your event Lee Cass will submit a report outlining positive and negative event aspects, to be reviewed and used as a your tool to improve planning again and again.

Silver Event Package
The Silver Event package is designed for clients who require limited project management, planning and coordination, or, a professional coordinator who can slot in immediately to help existing team members to get you back on track, to meet budget and deadlines.

e-Mail here for more information or an obligation free quote.

Platinum Event Package
The Platinum Event Package is the whole event package. It provides turn-key 360° complete event project management, planning and coordination of all aspects of your event - start to finish, with a closing debrief report five working days after the event.

Ask Lee for an obligation free quote.

Eco Green Events

With personal consciousness, Lenore K. includes green event planning choices in the planning process.

Have you thought about "How you can reduce the impact of your event?"

When we talk about Going Green, the ultimate aim is to make our actions sustainable - using less of everything now so that it lasts longer and choosing to use products, suppliers or procedures that have less of an impact on the planet. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and offset the rest.

When planning, why not consider different areas of the Event Scope of Work to support green choices? i.e., -

Transport - offset air travel, use mini buses or walk to the venue.
Catering & Beverages - order organic, use local produce.
Power & Water - does the venue support a Green Policy?
Waste Management - reduction of waste altogether, reuses of waste where possible, recycle waste where it cannot be reduced or reused.
Printed Material and Communication Information - use recycled paper, vegetable dye ink, and use technology to communicate.

To 'think outside the box' and to lessen your event carbon footprint is Lee Cass' tiny step to help preserve our planet and guarantee our children's future. This is not a cost service.

Mobile: +61 (0) 404 062 484
Email: leecass@lenorek.com


Event planning, Wedding planning and Innovation workshops

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