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Event planning, Wedding planning and Innovation workshops - Profile

Event planning, Wedding planning and Innovation workshops - Profile
Green Weddings

Have you ever thought about having an environmentally friendly wedding? One that won't cost the earth?

Green is the 'new white' for weddings. From organic menus to eco limos and vintage gowns - green is chic, and every bride knows it.
~ Bride.com

LENORE K. has been including environmental choices in her wedding and event planning long before 'green' was 'chic' - in fact, Lenore K. was the first green wedding planner in the Hunter Valley!

How to 'Green' your Wedding

There are millions of little things you can do to make your event or white wedding 'green' without compromising your dream and surprisingly, your wallet.

LENORE K. as your preferred planner, will automatically consider these environmentally friendly elements into your planning mix.

7 Tips on How To Green Your Wedding

1. Green Catering

Engage a local catering supplier. Ask where they source their product. How are they transported? Is their menu seasonal? Reduce waste by
choosing less menu courses.

2. Venues

Consider the benefits of having the ceremony and reception close to each other or in one location. Is the venue within walking distance to your accommodation? Does the venue support Green Energy? What are the venue's policy and procedures for waste disposal, water recycling? Are there fans for cooling and windows that open? When choosing a venue, consider natural lighting and use this natural ambience in your photography.

3. Flowers / Bonbonnieres

Buy local, native and in season Australian flowers. Research online for eco-friendly Australian bonbonnieres. Be mindful if giving seedlings to check if suitable for area as some seeds are weeds in certain places.

4. Weddings Rings: Reuse, Recycle

Instead of buying new and supporting the mining industry, track down your great-great grandmother's or great-great grandfather's jewellery and have a reputable jeweller smelt the gold for you to create a one of a kind piece that you both have designed together. How romantic is that? Buy vintage and don't forget to clear old energies with burning sage.

5. Invitations

Beautiful wedding invitations have their place therefore get smarter by using recycled papers and vegetable inks instead of petroleum based products.

6. The Giving of Presents

Present Giving is a long standing tradition and giving makes you feel good, doesn't it? So discipline and organisation is the key to being green. Again think "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle".

Choose gifts using reputable Bridal Gift Registers as this will reduce doubling up of presents and wastage. Also popular, money donations placed in a wishing well or bird cage. No presents, instead send the money to your favourite charity or ask to plant a tree.

7. Think Green At Home

  • Activate sleep modes for appliances or turn off at the wall when not in use.
  • Replace incandescent light bulbs with halogen which are more energy efficient.
  • Before buying appliances consider their energy star rating.
  • Offset your electricity using green power energy.
  • In winter closing blinds before the sun goes down retains heat.
  • In summer close curtains and doors facing the sun.
  • Subscribe to a carbon offset program, for example, Carbon Neutral or Carbon Market.

Lee's Green Background

Growing up Lee Cass lived in rural Brisbane Queensland on a 2 ½ acre block with her Mum, Dad and Brother, plus a menagerie of goats, chickens, roosters, horses, dogs, birds and cats.

Harvesting home grown seasonal vegetables and fruit with only rain water for irrigation, Lee understands nature’s law to conserve energy - recycle, reuse, renew.

Today Lee still remains conscious of the environment opting for home use green energy and solar, natural lighting, ceiling insulation and fans, recycling office paper and planting water resistant garden plants, including seasonal vegetables and herbs.

When consulting, event managing or working within business offices she practises and recommends the recycle, reuse, renew philosophy.

Whether you are a Busy Bride needing support on your wedding day, or just a helping hand to better green your wedding, give Lee a call and she’ll be happy to help!

Please do not hesitate to call me if you wish to find out any more information.

Lee Cass
Mobile: +61 (0) 404 062 484
Email: leecass@lenorek.com

Sydney | Newcastle | Hunter Valley Vineyards
NSW Australia

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Event planning, Wedding planning and Innovation workshops

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